Chapter 32: Awakening

Earlier that morning, in an upper room of Reynard’s country residence, a pair of golden eyes fluttered open. Liska felt so refreshed, as if she’d slept for days, that she simply lay on her bed for a while, comfortably splashed with morning sun. Then, as if slowly remembering a nightmare, she began to recall. The … Continue reading

Chapter 31: I have to have a reason?

The car stopped, and Blaze awoke with a start. What kind of dream was that? he wondered. With a rising sense of panic, he rolled back his sleeve and examined his arm for the strange patterns and evil symbols he had felt them carve into his flesh. He saw nothing – the sleep had completely … Continue reading

Chapter 30: Fight The Power

It had happened in a dank subterranean room. A single fluorescent tube had thrown its greenish light over the scene. He had stood in a circular depression in the floor. The Thulians, men with octopi for heads, had gathered to him to give him the power. Four of them had clustered around him, each facial … Continue reading

Chapter 29: Underground Business

The effects of thoughtless actions spread like ripples in a still pond. In a small room underneath London, Rodgers lay feverish and deathly still on a thin mattress. The sheet which he had thrown half off was soaked with sweat. An IV was stuck into his left arm. The concrete room was far enough underground … Continue reading

Chapter 28: A Plan Rejected

“Let me get this straight,” Blaze said for the third time, “you want me to enter into this fight as yet another rival, take out Archibald and his reaper, and then give Horace a victory? That sounds suspiciously like something out of Wooster’s Memoirs, only with more blood.” “But you’re the only one who can … Continue reading

Chapter 27: The Lion and the Snake

‘Surgery’ on a werewolf consists of cutting out the flesh that won’t heal and simply waiting for tissue regrowth. Blaze hoped the hotel wouldn’t charge extra for the towel he had soaked with his blood during Isolde’s first (and only, if she had any say in the matter) attempt at surgery. Horace had held the … Continue reading

Chapter 26: Fixed.

A young man in a black suit stepped into the room. His cellphone stood out against his tawny blond hair. Blast, he thought when he saw the wounded constable, if I’d gotten here faster, that wouldn’t have happened. Wish I could make that minotaur sweat half as much as he deserves. “It’s been a while, … Continue reading

Chapter 25: Talking in Your Sleep

Rodgers opened his eyes. He lay prone on the floor of a modest hotel room with a bronze arm piercing up through his chest from the floor. He looked up. He was lying between the bed and the wall. The room’s only chair faced him. On the chair sat a slumped form clad in a … Continue reading

Chapter 24: Slamming on the Breaks

It was dark outside the mansion. The police were finally leaving, after several hours of investigation, searching, and questioning. Reginald and his brother stood on the front steps, watching the police car pull away. “So why did think it was me, Reggie?” Jerome asked, glancing sideways at his younger brother. “You seemed very certain.” “Because … Continue reading

Chapter 23: Now You See Him, Now You Don’t.

Blaze wandered around under the trees looking for the sword he had dropped during the fight. He was trying to find it quickly, before the body speared on the statue attracted any more attention. The werewolf’s left arm was as useless as a marionette with cut strings. Rodger’s blade had pierced all the way through … Continue reading


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